Pressing is a crucial and indispensable stage in the winemaking process. A quality pressing consists in extracting as much juice, with best quality, in minimum time, with minimum pressure and minimum crumblings.

Bucher Vaslin: the Details that make a difference

High quality membranes: Bisphenol A (BPA) free and Phthalate free, High temperature resistance: -5°C to +70°C, Fully manufactured in Bucher Vaslin and fixed to the tank by a particular system (Bucher patent) with no perforation to ensure tightness and durability.

Exclusive dejuicing channels: Large draining surface composed of perforated, self cleaning and non-corrosive channels (Bucher patent), Electro-polishing of slotted channels to facilitate cleaning, Swiveling drainage elements (Bucher Vaslin patent) facilitate the press cleaning and ensure optimized hygiene.

With the Winect® application, you can get information anytime on your Smartphone about the pressing in progress: program in progress, remaining time, pressure, flow rate… Thanks to this remote support service, a diagnosis is immediately given by a qualified technician for a greater peace of mind

Intelligent pressing with Organ

Bucher Organ the automatic self- decisional making process for running Bucher XPlus IT and Xpert IT presses. Organ is a tanks management method based on the measurement of the juice drain-off rate in the press juice bin. These measurements are transmitted to the software for the management of draining and pressing cycles. Depending on the operator’s targets, Organ analyzes the reaction of grapes and adjusts programming on an ongoing basis as follows: the percentage of juice extraction, the maximal duration of pressing, and type of grapes/varieties. Bucher Organ leaves the operator free from any constraints related to a complicated programming due to pressure, pressure keeping-up, number of tank rotations…

Protect and preserve grape, juice and wine quality with inert gas pressing - Inertys


The Bucher Vaslin process of pressing under controlled atmosphere, innovating and patented, guarantees 100% of the pressed juices extracted without oxidation. This thanks to a permanent operation in closed loop. The gas used is recycled by means of a flexible reserve, and can thus serve several times. The utilization costs are weak. The process is entirely automatic.

Available on :
• Bucher XPlus 22 to 80
• Bucher XPert 100 to 450


Presses range



Give your press a second life

Take the opportunity to UPGRADE and UPDATE your press with Bucher Retrofit

Retrofit available for RPM, RPX, RPA, RPZ and non Bucher press equipped with side membrane

Why doing a Retrofit?

Better juice quality (lower solids) • Bucher Automatic and Sequential qualitative pressing programs for operating • Friendly, ergonomic press controls thanks to a large LCD screen • Ability to connect to an Ethernet network • Compliance with the latest safety and environmental regulations. • Economic longevity and availability of spare parts

Red press wines (Merlot and CS) made with Bucher Inertys, under neutral gas express finer aromas, with less vegetal characters and more elegant tannins. Concerning their chemical composition, the wines contain lower content of 3-methyl-2,4-nonadione, very odorous compound associated with oxidation and evolution of the wines.
— Philippe Darriet, Lecturer, Manager of the Oenology Research Unity (ISVV Bordeaux) and Pons et al. 2008, 2011, 2013.’