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Bucher Vaslin Grape preparation | Delta range

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Grape Treatment | Delta Extractys

Delta Extractys is a patented, physical and selective extraction process. Designed to enhance, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the extraction of grape’s skin and well walls compounds (phenolic compounds, aromatic precursors, …).

Delta Extractys treatment enhances color, structure and aromatic expression with greater typicity. Operates with liquid or solid phase vinification.
• Applied pressure range:  up to 4 bars
• Operating range: 2 - 60 T/h


Integrated downstream in a thermovification installation and just before maceration tank, Delta Extractys is made of 2 small-volume pressure chambers. The hot crop is introduced into one and is subjected to overpressure followed by a quick pressure reduction when returned to air pressure.

Bucher Vaslin Grape Sorting | Delta range

CITF Grape Sorting | Alien

ALIEN is a patented robotic system using an optical sorting technology to remove unwanted elements after the harvest. ALIEN ensures that only grapes meeting the high-quality standards of premium wineries are used in winemaking.

When the harvested grapes come under the robots, the arms move immediately and remove the waste. Robots can sort more than 400 unwanted items per minute. In consequence, the ALIEN system performs continuous quality inspections by detecting defective products on the basis of predefined specifications.

Destemmer & Crusher | Delta range