About Bucher Unipektin AG, Switzerland

Bucher Unipektin develops, designs, manufactures and distributes fruit juice plants (reception areas, mills, presses, filtration plants and evaporators) as well as vacuum drying plants and sewage sludge presses.

Bucher Unipektin is your experienced partner and supplier for single units as well as complete lines for the solid-liquid separation, filtration, juice treatment and concentrate production. These beverage technologies are mainly used for the production of fruit juices and purées as well as in beer filtration and vegetable color and flavors extraction. We also design and construct industrial vacuum and freeze dryers (lyophilization). These are, among other fields, used for the production of instant-soups and -beverages.
Another business area is environmental technology, where we achieve successful results in sewage sludge and industrial sludge dewatering as well as in the solid-liquid separation of drinking water treatment plants. 
First class products and services form the base of our market leading position. We operate with high motivation and flexibility with our customers, based on defined needs as well as new market-trends, innovative solutions and products.


Our quality commitment strives for uninterrupted availability of our machines, long service-life and minimized maintenance requirements. This provides the most economical solution over the entire life span. We obsess to deliver a constantly high level of our products and services in timely, quality and quantity relation. The certification of our centers of excellence according ISO 9001:2015 supports the attainability of these targets.

For more information, contact Mark Chick, Product Manager Bucher Unipektin